United States Green Card Lottery
United States Green Card Lottery
Lottery Statistics

Chances of winning: 1 out of 33 !

The chances of winning depend on the number of qualified entries submitted each year. Approximately 100,000 winners are selected from all qualified entries each year. In recent years, chances of winning for couples that both submitted applications were as high as 1 out of 33.

The following table shows the number of qualified entries and disqualified applications each year. Entries that do not conform to the strict submission requirements published by the State Department are disqualified.

Program Qualified Entries Disqualified Applications
DV-2017 12.4 Million NA
DV-2016 11.4 Million NA
DV-2015 9.4 Million NA
DV-2014 9.7 Million NA
DV-2013 7.9 Million NA
DV-2012 14.7 Million NA
DV-2011 12.1 Million NA
DV-2010 13.6 Million NA
DV-2009 9.1 Million NA
DV-2008 6.4 Million NA
DV-2007 5.5 Million NA
DV-2006 6.3 Million NA
DV-2005 5.9 Million NA
DV-2004 7.3 Million 2.9 Million
DV-2003 6.2 Million 2.5 Million
DV-2002 10 Million 3 Million
DV-2001 11 Million 2 Million
DV-2000 8 Million 2.5 Million

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