United States Green Card Lottery
United States Green Card Lottery
Steps to Register in the Green Card Lottery

To register in the lottery, you must follow these steps.
If you encounter any problem during any of these steps, contact us to receive assistance.

Check if you qualify
Use the online tool to check if you qualify. The online tool will check all of the available options for you including claiming your spouse or parents’ native country.

Register and submit personal information
Create your registration and enter your personal information and the personal information of other family members if you have any

Submit photos
Upload digital photos of yourself and your family members. If you have difficulty uploading photos you can send the photos by email. If you do not have digital photos you can send regular photos by post and they will be digitized for you.

Your information and photos are reviewed by computer and by personal experts to make sure that they meet all of the requirements. If there are any problems you will receive notice and have a chance to submit new information or photos.

Entry and confirmation
Your information is entered in the lottery and you will receive a confirmation number which can be used to check if you are a winner.

Selection of winners
Over 100,000 winners are selected randomly by computer. All qualified applications have an equal chance of being selected.

Check if you are a winner
When the results are out, you will receive notice by email. Use your confirmation number to check if you are a winner. Important: Winners are NEVER notified by email. You must go online to check if you are a winner yourself using your confirmation number. Ignore any email from untrusted sources that tells you that you are a winner.

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